Kiddie Kickers

These lessons are designed as a soccer preparations for preschool children from 3.5 yrs. It focuses primarily on expanding general physical activities enriched with ball games, using variety of sports equipment. This course is suitable not only for boys will teach your child how to kick the ball, throw and catch and give him a solid base for other ball sports. Emphasis is laid mainly to offer the kids physical exercise while experiencing lots of fun with friend, learning to cooperate in a team and start loving sports. Abroad are This king of sport activity was imported here from Britain and similar courses are very popular abroad. Our instructor has an abroad experience in supervising of such lessons. Your little Backham will certainly enjoy mini soccer and will look forward to the time spent in Playing Monkey club!

Price of Kiddie Kickers course:

Season ticket - 17 lessons 1700 Kč/ separate lesson 130 Kč

Kiddie Kickers Instructor:

Alena Pančochová

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