Monkey Yoga

We all want the best for our children and taking up yoga classes is definitely one of the best choices!
It helps children not only in proper physical development, but also teaches them to relax and perceive themselves as well as it helps developing their imagination and joy of life - which is very important in today's hectic times and quite often underestimated by us - adults.

Monkey Yoga classes are especially designed for children and it is very different from yoga classes for adults. Playing and exercising is natural for children therefore we encourage them! We run, jump, play ... each lesson has a different topic. Your kids will learn about animals and listen to stories while exercising. They will sing songs, learn rhymes and much more! Yoga positions are mostly dynamical (without holding for long) and are always adjusted to children's age. We want to make yoga fun so the kids like it strait away! The whole classes are accompanied by the suitable modern music.

Monkey Yoga lesson lasts 55 minutes.

Price of Yoga Monkey course:

Season tickets for 1700 CZK 17 lessons / 130 CZK separate lesson

Monkey Yoga instructor:

Petra Zatloukalová

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